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During the coming months a number of new offerings will be made available on this website. One of the first new items will be reproductions of some of Roland Clark’s extraordinary color plates. Because of the dimensions of the original work some of the reproductions will appear in reduced format. Others, such as his exquisite miniature oils, will be reproduced very close to their original size. Several months in advance of the coming Christmas season another of his traditional Christmas cards with his customary inscription, “For Ann - X-mas”, will be reproduced. That will give the buyer a choice of two Christmas cards. Custom stationery is being contemplated, depending upon the wishes those interested in this form of wildlife art. Please let me know your thoughts at . And finally, for those businesses or individuals that desire custom Christmas or gift cards, they may be reproduced and printed with individual logos and/or messages. Naturally, the cost can be substantially reduced when a larger number of cards are printed. Please contact me at and I would be happy to discuss the options.
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